Rotary tracking system (Double vertical row)

Rotary tracking system (Double vertical row)

Thetwo-module-in-portrait (2P) rotation tracking system was developed, manufactured and produced by GOOMAX solar, adopts a slewing drive mode to ensure the PV modules highly tracking the sunlight, with a tracking accuracy of ±1°.Real-time control system ensure the PV modules orient toward the sunlight, and maintain the best angle at all times ,so to improve power generation efficiency. This system is easy to intall, has low maintenance costs. It is suitable for outdoor, urban, desert, mountain, lowland and other different scenarios. Compared with conventional fixed racks, this system can increase power generation efficiency by about 10-25% (different latitudes and regions have different power generation effects), effectively improving economic benefits.


1.Anti-electromagnetic interference

2.Time ‒controlled tracking of sun angle

3.Maximum utilization of sunlight;Shadow avoidance

4.Safety & Protection:overheat protection, over current protection, abnormal drive unit, limit protection

5.Simple&reliable structure,convenient and flexible installation and maintenance

6.Low friction resistance and high transmission efficiency


Capacity/array: 38KW(440W*88pcs)

Tracking range(East-west):±60° 

Tracking accuracy: ±1°

Operating temperature range: -40°C~60°C 

Protection class: IP65

Drive mode: Rotary drive

Materials: High strength steel/SUS304

Torque: Rated torque 6.5kn/m, maximum torque 11kn/m

Communication mode: RS485 Modbus Protocol

Warranty: 10 years (Electrical part 2 years)

Wind load: Wind protection starts when wind speed reaches 20m/s; Max wind load at 42m/s 

Application: outdoor, urban areas, deserts, mountains, and waterland 

Service life: 25 years

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