Solar Tracker——JG LDH1.0 Linkage Solar Tracking System

Solar Tracker——JG LDH1.0 Linkage Solar Tracking System

1. Strong wind monitor and max. wind resistance up to 42m/s
2. Anti-electromagnetic interference.
3. Time ‒controlled tracking of sun angle
4. Maximum utilization of sunlight.
5. Safety & Protection:overheat protection, over current protection, abnormal drive unit, limit protection


Tracking range(East-west):±60°

Operating temperature range: -40°C~70°C

Materials: AL6005/Q235/ SUS304

Tracking accuracy: ±1°

Drive type: Rotary driving

Communication mode: RS485 Modbus protocol

Protection class: IP65

Application: outdoor, urban areas, deserts, mountains, and mashes.

Wind load: Wind protection starts when wind speed reaches 18m/s; Max. wind load at 42m/s

Solar tracker system maximizes your solar system’s electricity production. It is used to drive pv modules to accurately follow the sun, which optimizes the angle at which your panels receive solar radiation, utilize the solar energy and improve power generation. The JG LDH1.0 tracker, were developed by GOOMAX R&D team, which could achieve cutting free and welding free。It’s easy to operate, low cost for maintenance and with versatile applications, effectively increases the company profits.

—— JG LDH1.0 Linkage Solar Tracking System Applications——
Workable for deserts, mountains, depressions, etc.

Highly adaptable, the maximum north-south slope can reach 10 degrees

—— JG LDH1.0 Linkage Solar Tracker Features ——
01 Precise tracking:GOOMAX JG LDH1.0 Linkage Solar Tracker tracking angle(east-west)±45/±60°, automatically follow the sunlight and most accurate alignment, keeping the accuracy range within ±2°, which effectively improves the system's power generation。
02 Make the most of sunlight:The tracking function of the system can effectively avoid the shadow occlusion produced in the morning and evening, and realize the maximum power generation efficiency within the same time. The system can also capture peripheral residual light resources, such as the reflected light from external walls, glass, ground and other objects, to utilize the residual light and further improve the system's power generation efficiency.
03 Reliable:The system can realize anti-freezing, windproof, anti-corrosion, anti-sand dust and automatic cleaning. It can also realize remote one-key snow removal and automatic cleaning through the mobile phone APP. It enters the wind resistance state when the wind speed is 18m/s, and the maximum wind resistance is 42m/s.
04 Multiple protection:The system has multiple self-protection functions, such as: overheat protection (operating temperature -40°C to 70°C), overcurrent protection, self-locking protection, limit protection, anti-electromagnetic interference, etc., which can extend the system life cycle.
05 Easy to install:The main axis does not need to be holed, the column span and the distance between the rails can be adjusted flexibly, which greatly reduces the installation difficulty, and there is no need to cut and weld on site. The installation can be completed by tightening the bolts, ensure simple and fast to install.
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