Solar Tracking System - GL DT 1.0 Horizontal Single-Axis Solar Tracker

Solar Tracking System - GL DT 1.0 Horizontal Single-Axis Solar Tracker

1. Strong wind monitor, and auto wind resistance.
2. Time ‒controlled tracking of sun angle
3. Maximum utilization of sunlight.

4. Safety & Protection: overheat protection, over current protection,abnormal drive unit, limit protection

Tracking range(East-west):±45°

Operating temperature range: -40°C~70°C

Materials: AL6005/Q235/ SUS304

Tracking accuracy: ±0.5°

Module Layout: 1*20

Panels Protection class: IP65

Application: outdoor, urban areas, deserts, mountains, and mashes.
Wind load: Wind protection starts when wind speed reaches 20m/s; Max. wind resistance at 42m/s

Horizontal single-axis solar tracker rotates from east to west throughout the day on a fixed axis which is to make the modules get the right angle for receiving the maximum sunlight sequentially get increase electricity production. Goomax’s GL DT1.0 has a ±45° tracking range of motion and  ±2° racking accuracy from east to west direction, which adjusts the face of the solar panel to follow the movement of the Sun and also has the function of direction self-calibration. The solar tracker system increases the solar energy output by up to 10-15% than the standard fixed solar system (Different latitudes and regions have different power generation effects ).

——  Application Scenarios of GL DT 1.0 Horizontal single-axis solar tracker  ——
This system has excellent terrain adaptability, which can be used in various areas and environments such as outdoors, deserts, mountains, depressions, etc. It Mainly suitable for low and middle latitude areas.

—— Features and Benefits of GL DT 1.0 Horizontal single-axis solar tracker ——
01 Astronomical algorithm:Astronomical algorithms as the algorithms were brought to Goomax’s tracking methods of GL DT 1.0 Horizontal Single Axis solar tracker. The working principle is to control the solar panels to face the sunlight vertically through calculating the incident angle of sunlight according to the geographical location and time of the installation site.
02 High efficient utilization:During the tracking progress, two adjacent rows of the trackers have the function of reduction in Shadow projection, which also has the function of a night-time stow. In addition, to controlling the panels face vertically to the sunlight during normal hours of the day, the system can also level the inclination of the panels in the morning or evening, avoid the shadows of the front and rear rows, realizing the use of glow, and further improving the power generation efficiency of the system.
03 Safety, reliability and quality:This tracking system has remote monitoring and system diagnosis functions, which can realize centralized control. At the same time, it has the functions of heavy snow protection, strong wind monitoring, and automatic wind resistance function. When the wind speed is 20m/s, it enters the wind resistance state, and the maximum wind resistance of the system is 42m/s. What’s more, the system also has multiple self-protection functions such as overheating protection, over current protection, limit protection, anti-electromagnetic interference, and so on, which can effectively extend the service life of the system while improving the safety of the system.
04 Stable structure:The tracker adopts a push-rod motor drive with the merits of a gap-free, simple overall structure, and easy to install and maintain. The self-balancing structure of the system can reduce mechanical wear and extend the life of the motor. At the same time, the fragile and consumable parts were chosen standard products in the market, which make the maintenance and replacement of the motor easier.

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