Special Focus | Fight For Coronavirus-19 , Goomax Energy in action!

From February 26th to February 28th, 2020, Xiamen Goomax Energy Technology Co., Ltd. dispatched a team of five sales elites to Tokyo, Japan to take apart in the energy exhibition. This sales team returned to Xiamen on February 29th  while the current situation of the epidemic of Coronavirus-19 is so dangerous in Japan.  This Five persons’ health and safety have attracted great attention of the company.  In order to actively respond to the call of the party and the country,“fight together with the epidemic,” the company requires all persons backed from Japan returning to their homes to isolate themselves and actively cooperate with the local government and community’s anti-epidemic work.
Besides the community’s care and anti-epidemic work, in order to make sure the team’s health and all persons are away from Coronavirus-19, Goomax Energy also arrange specialist to follow up the situation of the persons backed from Japan every day. Goomax also fully fund the professional nucleic acid testing for those five persons.

On March 1, the biological materials of the personnel returning from Japan were sent for inspection. On March 3, the results of the nucleic acid test report were issued, and all test results were negative. Goomax Energy resumed their work until determining the health and safety of the five persons. Only the health of employees to be guaranteed, the customer’s needs can be satisfied, also the related production and transportation services can be smoothly carried out. This is not only the embodiment of the company's social responsibility, but also the responsibility for customers who always trust and support Goomax.

Fight together for the Coronavirus-19, overcoming the most-hard time, Goomax Energy always bears responsibility, and is responsible for the country, the enterprise, the employees, and the customers, and does not cause trouble to the society! No winter will not pass, spring is coming! let us wait for the epidemic to be dissipated and the spring blooms.

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