GOOMAX Energy | Working Together to Fight Against the COVID-19

Seeing Hope in Dilemma
The situation is getting worse as the epidemic broke out globally. However, with the concerted efforts of Chinese people, the effect of fighting against the COVID-19 is getting better and better in China. Our living order has basically recovered, which has brought hope to other countries to fight the epidemic.

Seeing Goomax’s Friendship in Trouble
It is precisely because of everyone's efforts and dedication that the epidemic can be effectively controlled. Human beings live together on a planet and should unite. GOOMAX Energy tries its best to help by sending batches of medical supplies to overseas friends and customers.
Hoping the Epidemic Dissipate Soon
The lost life should be remembered, and the survivors need to be strong. We always believe that with the joint efforts of all mankind, the epidemic will eventually dissipate, and every city in the world will regain its vigorous vitality and a better life will continue as usual.

Goomax Energy has steadily expanded its global territory and continuously improved the international competitiveness of its products. At the same time, it has promoted energy reform, take responsibility for the future as our own responsibility, help the PV industry to make great strides, create greater benefits for society, and contribute more power to the cause of environmental protection!

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