World Earth Day | Cherish the Earth and live in harmony with nature

There is only one World Earth Day in a year
But protecting the environment should become the Daily habits of everyone
Since Dennis Hays designated April 22nd as "World Earth Day" in 1970, the celebration of World Earth Day has grown to 192 countries around the world.
Global warming and environmental pollution have become issues that threaten human survival, which are directly related to the use of traditional energy sources.

Traditional energy sources inevitably produce a large amount of toxic and harmful gases during the utilization process, which has become a direct factor threatening the environment. But new energy sources such as solar and wind realize "zero pollution" in the energy utilization process.

Photovoltaic generation is less restricted by region, environment and climate, which allows the extreme environment places to exert its value.

As an enterprise specializing in the field of solar, Goomax Energy promotes the development of green economy while creating value, contributing to ecological environmental protection, and enhancing the influence of the Chinese brand of new energy!

Goomax Energy has steadily expanded its global territory and continuously improved the international competitiveness of its products. At the same time, it has promoted energy reform, take responsibility for the future as our own responsibility, help the PV industry to make great strides, create greater benefits for society, and contribute more power to the cause of environmental protection!

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