Good news | GOOMAX passed the intellectual property management system certification

Recently, GOOMAX won the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification", it represents GOOMAX's authoritative certification and high affirmation of the research and development level and manufacturing capabilities of solar mounting . GOOMAX will follow the system, comprehensively improve the internal management level, enhance the market competitive advantage, be practical and enterprising in the path of innovation and development constantly.

GOOMAX has always been driven by technology and innovation, and is committed to providing customers with the production and sales services of solar mounting systems, solar plant operation and maintenance services, smart energy storage microgrid systems, solar plant EPC, investment and financing projects. The attitude and rich experience help customers improve the efficiency and safety of project construction, comprehensively manage and take responsibility for project design, procurement and construction, effectively shorten the construction cycle, and help customers lower the risks of project construction.

Goomax has steadily expanded its global territory and continuously improved the international competitiveness of its products. At the same time, it has promoted energy reform, take responsibility for the future as our own responsibility, help the PV industry to make great strides, create greater benefits for society, and contribute more power to the cause of environmental protection!

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