NEWS | GOOMAX 798.87KW solar photovoltaic has kicked off

Recently, the EPC general contracting project of solar photovoltaic by GOOMAX has kicked off! According to the field investigation in the early stage of the project, the team used Jinko’s 465-watt high-efficiency monocrystalline components, aluminum alloy brackets, and other high-quality raw materials, and was professionally designed and customized by the GOOMAX team of engineers to achieve maximum capacity within the limitation of the roof space. At the same time, the strength of the structure and the distance between the arrays are taken into consideration to avoid interference between components and subsequently improve the power generation efficiency.

Upon completion, the installed capacity will reach 798.87KW, with an estimated power generation capacity of 1 million kWh/year, and approximately 23.22 million kWh of power generation in 25 years. Compared with thermal power generation, the project will not only result in higher power generation efficiency but at the same time saves about 327 tons of coal annually and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 957 tons, which is equivalent to planting about 52,332 trees annually.

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