U-Shaped post mounting

—— U-Shaped post mounting  Application scenarios  ——
U-shaped steel is rigid, high stability, suitable for rugged ground

—— U-Shaped post mounting  Characteristics  ——
01 Corrosion resistance:The product components use AL6005-T5 high-strength aluminum alloy and hot-dip galvanized steel, which effectively enhances the corrosion resistance of the bracket, and is suitable for areas with high salinity and humidity.
02 Product pre-assembly: most of the components are pre-assembled before shipment. There is no requirement to drill and cut on-site, which effectively saves manpower and reduces construction time.
03 Adaptability to local condition:In the early stage of project construction, depending on the environment and climate conditions of different regions, a team of experts will conduct professional planning and individual design to ensure that the power generation is optimized, the intensity is maximized, and the cost is minimized.
04 Sturdy and stable: Each component of the product has undergone strict corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, hydrochloric acid resistance, and other tests to ensure that the strength meets the requirements, and the overall system of the product is very firm and stable, easily adapting to rugged ground, and reducing ground preparation time during construction.

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