Good news | GOOMAX Zhangzhou 545KW Photovoltaic Power Station Project was successfully connected to the grid

Recently, the GOOMAX Zhangzhou 545KW photovoltaic power station project was successfully connected to the grid. The project is a color steel tile roof, using GOOMAX aluminum alloy photovoltaic special angular chi-type fixture bracket, the fixture is a special metal tile design, made of 6005-T5 aluminum alloy and SUS304 stainless steel Made of material, good bearing capacity, strong corrosion-resistance, simple and convenient installation, the fixture is directly used as the basis of the photovoltaic module, without damaging the original roof waterproof system, and ensuring the integrity of the roof. The smooth construction and grid connection of the project is expected to generate 660,000 kWh/year for the company.

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