Photovoltaic agricultural system

—— Application ——
Photovoltaic agriculture is a combination of solar power generation and agricultural planting and breeding
It can be used in many fields such as greenhouses, livestock roofs, fishing and light complementary, and animal husbandry and light
It can also be used in different places such as barren hills, barren slopes, fish ponds, greenhouses, etc.

——Advantage ——
01Multiple use in one place:Photovoltaic is combined with breeding and planting, and one place is used for multiple purposes. Photovoltaic power generation can be built on the top, and the bottom can be planted, breeding, and agricultural sightseeing. Photovoltaic power generation and agricultural management are both compatible, and land resources can be fully utilized
02Double the income:Both photovoltaic power generation and agricultural operations can bring profit, bringing two benefits to a piece of land
03 function expansion:In the application of photovoltaic in greenhouses, not only can it meet the lighting needs of greenhouse crops, but also the electricity generated by solar energy can be directly used for automatic irrigation, temperature adjustment, plant lighting, and other intelligent management of the greenhouse.
——Case Study ——

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