Goomax’s Ballasted Roof Mount

—— Applicable Place ——

1. Applicable for the flat roof (Use Ballast blocks to fix the solar mounting will not damage rooftop ground. )

2. Applicable for the flat roof ( Use Expansion/Chemical bolts to fix the solar mounting but need to penetrate the rooftop ground.)

3. Applicable for the metal roof (Fixing solar mount with Self-tapping screw)

—— Ballasted Roof Mount Features ——

1. Way of Fixing: Goomax’s  Engineer will calculate the weight of the ballast according to the wind load of each specific case. The ballasted system can fix the solar mounting and protect the rooftop ground at the same time.

2. Saving time: Pre-installed parts before leaving the factory can reduce the total number of parts, which will make installation quick and convenient. Install the solar mounting at the same time when making the ballasted blocks, which will save construction time.

3. Assembly Free: The GOOMAX ballast system adopts an independently designed model installation structure, which is more flexible and free, and it will not be affected by the integrity of the photovoltaic system and can be freely assembled and constructed in response to complex roof conditions.

4. Flexible angle: GOOMAX ballast system’s angle can be designed according to the actual needs of the project.

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