12.8MW Ground Aluminum Bracket In Japan

12.8MW Ground Aluminum Bracket In Japan
Location: Japan

Bracket type: Ground solar aluminum bracket
Installed capacity: 12.8MW

Recently, GOOMAX's ground-based photovoltaic power station project in Japan was successfully completed and connected to the grid. The installed capacity of the project reached 12.8MW. It was individually designed and customized by the GOOMAX expert team according to the actual environment, climate, and ground conditions of the project. While ensuring the strength, Save materials as much as possible to reduce costs for enterprises. The project adopts the GOOMAX aluminum alloy bracket solution, which has strong guarantees in terms of wind resistance, water resistance, and corrosion resistance. Most of the components are pre-assembled before shipment. There is no need to drill or cut on site, just The installation can be completed by simple adjustment and locking, saving a lot of manpower and time for the enterprise. While meeting its own electricity demand, the project helps companies improve their economic benefits and truly achieve zero pollution, zero emissions, environmental protection and energy conservation.

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