Somos una familia

In Xiamen, December belongs to the evergreen leaves, the cool autumn wind, and December 22, the winter solstice! In this special period, it belongs to the group building trip of Jingumei's energy technology partners.
Theme 1 - CS Painted Bowl Interesting Competition
Before the start of the campaign, the base instructors randomly divided everyone into two teams, distributed different colors of combat clothes, explained the use of guns for everyone and the matters needing attention in the process of fighting. Everyone changed their clothes, ready to go, a battle is about to begin!

"Soldier's Dream" is not only for men, but also for our women players who are equally graceful, well-planned and tacit. An interesting game, let our partners understand each other from the activities, give full play to their personal strengths, so that we can feel more "unity" strength.

Topic 2 - Golf Driving Range, Collection
Standard posture teaching, impatient practice swing, repeated battles and defeats, silent practice, as well as its own BGM full-range high-energy, different voices resound through this green meadow, everyone is seriously enjoying, fresh air, body swing, each other's playfulness.

A buffet lunch, so that a group of office masculine men, showing a different charm. Washing vegetables, cutting meat, killing fish, even cooking, can be described as excellent.

Topic 3 - Rock Climbing Challenges
A Jimmy once said, give me two safety buckles, I can climb the highest mountain. So, after three rounds in the afternoon, under the guidance of professional rock climbing instructors, we embarked on a journey, climbing all the way. There were fears of heights, harmfulness and tension among our partners, but we encouraged and supported each other more. Perhaps some of our partners had thought about giving up halfway. Fortunately, all of us overcome their psychological and fear, challenged ourselves and successfully completed the whole high-altitude project.

The substantive significance of League building lies in harvest, progress and team building and cohesion. In just one day, the partners experience extreme sports, challenge themselves and show their youth strength and enterprise nature.
Although exhausted, we have perfectly interpreted the phrase "there is no perfect individual, only a perfect team." We believe that such a passionate team will surely create more surprises in the future!

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