With the market identified and a good target set, for industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic plants, the next step is to identify the project site and collect relevant information.


After determining the location of the project, the most important thing is to collect important information, including:

1. Customer background

2. The operational facts of the project partners

3. The financial status of the partner

4. Sustainable management capacity and the credit status

These information can be gathered via many gadgets.


Second, you need to confirm the following matters:

1. Property rights: complete building property certificate sand use right certificates

2. Roof type and load: must have a certain load capacity, and require regular load reviews by the technical department.

3. Grid access: access and export ranges

4. If the project is connected to the low-voltage side, the distance between the project and the proposed transformer should be within 500 meters. If the project selects the high-voltage side to be connected to the grid, and the distance to be connected to the transformer is within 3 km.

5. Waterproof condition: the original waterproof roof shall not be damaged. It is necessary to understand the waterproofing condition of the original roof.

6. Pollution sources: it is required to have non-corrosive emission chimney within 1km range of  the project site.

7. Before entering the factory, observe the surrounding conditions of the factory, and take photos: take notes of road width, high-voltage line, height, location, etc., and record the location of tall buildings, etc.

8. Planning period: The project site selection plan requires no change within ten years.


Pay attention to the information such as “load” and “waterproofing issues”. It must be strictly investigated and measured on site. Otherwise, if it needs to be reinforced or waterproofed in the later stage of construction, it will increase the workload and cause disputes. It is said that among the unplanned costs (including labor costs) generated in the project construction process, this is the most common and the most costly part.


The collection of these information, the formulation of the target, and the choice of the market can all be prepared during the year and be implemented after that year.

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